NFA ART is a new division of NFA - non fungible architecture, it consists of the activities NFA ART Ticket, NFA ART Editions and NFA ART Collectibles.



NFA Art Ticket

NFA Tickets is a revolutionary way to buy and sell art and real estate. Through the novel and innovative combination of digital and physical space, NFA offers an unprecedented opportunity through blockchain technology. First launch planned for December 22. More information to follow soon.

NFA Art Editions

NFA Editions publishes a new NFT edition every fortnight in collaboration with different positions from the national and international art landscape. The editions are published exclusively on our website linked to marketplaces such as OpenSea and feature young, emerging and already well-established artists.

NFA Art Collectibles

NFA Collectibles creates and builds NFT collections in collaboration with various artists as well as designers. The universe of the ultimate lazy NAPPERS will fall asleep in the blockchain on 01.12.2022.


Head of NFA Art is the curator, art dealer and numismatist Kevin Muster (*1989, Jegenstorf/Berne). Muster is founder and Co-founder of various galleries, exhibition platforms and the first online auction house in Switzerland (RedTree Auction, 2013). In addition to his involvement with fine art, he worked as a research assistant for a numismatic auction house for over 4 years. Muster has also had the privilege of writing a number of texts for publications, as well as being the «gallerist» for the entire second season of the television show «Mix Up Art» (Sky Arts). Muster currently works as a curator for DA Z (DIGITAL ART ZURICH) and Kunsthaus Steffisburg and is constantly launching new projects and initiatives in the cultural industry.

Philosophical firmament

Aims to connect the analogue with the digital world. — builds bridges between the fine art and the digital world. — conceives novel vessels that dissolve the boundaries between blockchain and the physical environment. — believes in the infinite possibilities of blockchain technology and Web3 in general, also in terms of a process of partial democratisation of the art world. — believes in the metaphysical and universal potential of art and its social relevance and therefore practices a spirit of togetherness.